about ark

ARK Taiwan LI CHANN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 1984 as an OEM for RC helicopter companies.

Since 1986, when ARK started producing under its own brand name, ARK has gradually become renown

in the RC world as a name synonymous with high quality and a leader in design. Based in Feng Yuan, Taiwan, the founder and president, Michael Chang, oversees all phases of operations.

He has high standards for quality control and personally designs each helicopter. ARK'S design, R&D,
and production are all done in a well-equipped, modern factory able to handle large orders of helicopters. ARK has many years experience in dealing with customers from around the globe and its helicopters can be seen all of the world. Our friendly and professional service staff can handle English, Chinese, or Japanese e-mail messages in a clear and time efficient manner.

ARK's product line includes Volant 250, X-400, X-400 Pro, X-450XS, X-450XS Pro, X-450 Plus,
X-500, Nighthawk 550 class EP helicopter kits and other upgrade parts for airplanes and cars.


Enjoy ARK products for a whole new flying experience!!!!


For a comprehensive view of all ARK products please check out our website www.lichann.com.tw